Isolation leads to insanity as an ominous shadow figure stalks newly single Felicia in this pandemic era thriller. Alone.



We were all traumatized by the pandemic, many of us isolated and afraid. Felicia was… Alone.


Alone proof of concept trailer (NSFW – 30 seconds)


May our black boots haunt your dreams.


Check out our original take on horror, Daylight. Streaming on Amazon Video.


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Our lead, Mandi Mellen, has created an incredible horror/thriller community on TikTok and Instagram. Her fans can’t wait for Alone!

Join Mandi on TikTok for a Michael Myers dance-a-thon, as well an insane elevator fake out to avoid the psycho in her house. If you were being stalked, what would you do to survive?

Follow Mandi on Instagram for tips to survive a horror movie, as well as her thoughts on the genre’s greatest films.

Look for Mandi’s 30 Day Horror Movie Challenge on both platforms, as she survives every horror/thriller genre imaginable. Will you survive? Then watch the terror unfold in ‘Alone’ on the big screen and streaming at home. Mandi may be skilled in the ways of this genre, but Felicia has no idea what lurks in the shadows.